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ScholarshipApplication Notes & Website
FAFSAThe FAFSA is the key to all forms of financial aid, work study and student loans. You can complete with last years taxes information and then update later with current tax information - www.fafsaed.gov (External Link)
Pilot Rock Education Association and Associates Scholarship FundApplication: Word | Fillable (PDF) (not compatible with Firefox, please use Chrome, or download the PDF)
YDI Scholarship1 Award - $1,000 - Website (External Link)
SP Scholarship10 Awards - $10,000 - Website (External Link)
VIP Scholarship1 Award - $5,000 - Website (External Link)
Student Photography Scholarships500 Awards - $50,000 - Website (External Link)
Elks Most Valuable Student Competition2 Awards - $500 - Website (External Link)
Barbara Lotze Scholarships for Future Teachers5 Awards - $2,000 - Website (External Link)
National Space Club Scholarship1 Award - $10,000 - Website (External Link)
Montana State University Presidentail Scholarship
Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX)
Oregon Wheat Foundation Scholarship
Eastern Oregon University (Advancing Science and Technology In Eastern Oregon (ASTEO)

Revised: 10/26/2016

Other Links to Scholarship Databases and Search engines (External Links):

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OSAC (Oregon Student Access Commission) Scholarships - catalog
Scholarship Experts
Hispanic Scholarship Funds
The College Abacus
College Board Scholarship Search
College NET Mach25
Center for Native American Youth
Financial Aid for Minority Students
High Five Scholarship