Senior Information

One of our goals at Pilot Rock High School is to provide individual assistance to students and parents in the areas of educational planning, college and career exploration, and goal setting.

Please contact the School Counselor at any time for assistance:

Helen Doherty

Click here for Scholarship Information

Also, over 500 scholarships can be found by completing the OSAC Scholarship Application (External Link). With one application, you can apply to numerous scholarships.

Additional scholarships can be found in The Oregon Career Information System (CIS) (External Link) that the school offers to its students. If you do not remember your login credentials, please see the counselor.

College Entrance Exams

SAT & ACT Registration Information

Many students take the SAT or ACT in the Spring of their Junior year and again in the Fall of their Senior year. Registration can be completed online using PRHS code of 380830.

Please see the counselor or visit the test websites for dates.

SAT - Scholastic Aptitude Test

The SAT measures your verbal and mathematical reasoning abilities, which develop over time. You can register online for the SAT at the College Board's website (External Link). Not all tests may be available within our area. Please be sure to check at their website for availability and test dates.

ACT - American College Testing Assessment

The ACT (American College Testing Assessment) is a standardized test used for college entrance. Much like the SAT, the ACT compares the preparation and ability of college applicants from different backgrounds and helps to predict first-year college academic performance. You can register online (External Link) for the test. Not all tests may be available within our area. Please be sure to check at their website for availability.


FAFSA (Free Application for federal student aid)

The FAFSA is how students apply for Federal Financial Aid, including both "free money" and the best and safest loans. Federal and state aid is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. In short: The sooner your fill out the FAFSA, the better. To ensure maximum opportunity, the FAFSA should be submitted online within the first two weeks of January. Seniors and thier parents should fill out the form right after it opens on January 1 of their senior year. Remember, the FAFSA need to be filled out EVERY year the student is in college.

Assistance with completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (External Link)* is available by contacting the school counselor.

*Be sure to use the .gov site for all FAFSA submittals; DO NOT pay to have a FAFSA complete - it's FREE!

All student families should complete the FAFSA regardless of income. The FAFSA is one of the factors used by colleges to determine school scholarships. No FAFSA, No Opportunity!

Eastern Promise

Earn College Credits while in High School

Checklists & Virtual Advisor

(9th to 12th grade pathway to high school graduation and college credit.)

Visit the Eastern Promise website (External Link) for more information and to find things like the AAOT Checklist and Pathways Advisor.