graduation cap

The Oregon Department of Education released statewide graduation rate data for the Class of 2022 on Thursday, January 26. The statewide rate for 21-22 students is 81.3%, which is the second highest graduation rate ever recorded in Oregon. The data also indicate gains for every student group compared to the previous year (20-21).

Pilot Rock School District is pleased to announce its graduation rate for 21-22 is 95.45%, substantially higher than the statewide rate. This is for the four-year cohort (students who began their high school career in 18-19 and earned their diploma in four years). Pilot Rock’s rate is more than 12 percentage points higher than the previous year’s 20-21 rate of 82.76% for the district.

Across the country, students graduating in 2022 experienced interruptions to their learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Superintendent Troy Jerome said the district’s positive graduation rate indicates the resilience of the students from the Class of 2022, as well as the tenacity and work by teachers and staff to support the students. “We also know that successful learning in high school is embedded in our entire K-12 system -- the foundation in elementary and middle school is crucial to getting our high school seniors across the finish line at the end of their 13-year school careers,” Jerome said.

Pilot Rock High School Principal David Norton said the school continues to work on programs that contribute to student success and is always striving for 100% of seniors to graduate.