April Rocket Competitors

7th Grade

Eris Aldana

The middle school team loves her ambition and dedication to the band program. Her excitement is infectious and she encourages positive behavior, while also discouraging destructive behavior. Eris is an overall good kid, a great student and a kind friend.

- Mrs. Young, Mrs. Gose, Mrs. Campbell


Marshall Hull

Marshall uses deeper thinking skills without prompting to challenge peers and teachers in a productive manner. He is consistently at school and continues to show improvement in good behavior and increased maturity.

- Mrs. Young, Mrs. Gose, Mrs. Campbell


8th Grade

Madison Cartmell

Maddie is a hard worker. She puts in effort on her assignments in all of her classes. Maddie is sweet, quiet, and kind. Her good mood is infectious, a positive to have at school!

- Mrs. Thieme, Mrs. Weinke, Mrs. Kwong


Boston McCall

Boston does his work and is respectful of his teachers and peers. He gets along with everyone. Boston is funny, witty, and knowledgeable of an assortment of music genres and artists. He adds to all conversations. Great work Boston!

- Mrs. Thieme, Mrs. Weinke, Mrs. Kwong


9th Grade

Shaiya Larson

Shaiya takes pride in her work and works diligently to meet deadlines. She brings a positive attitude to class and comes prepared each day to class. We really appreciate your respectful, quiet presence in class. We are so lucky to have you as a Rocket!

- Ms. Perrine, Mr. Talbot


Renee Stairs

We chose Renee for the Rocket Competitor because she has been showing great improvement this semester! She always has a positive attitude and is very respectful towards her teachers and staff. Keep up the good work Renee!

- Ms. Perrine, Mr. Talbot


10th Grade

Maise Bensel

Maise is a hard worker in class and is always attentive. She strives to be her best, whether it is in the classroom or in her participation in band. We are lucky to have Maise as a Rocket!

- Mrs. Bronson, Mr. Zyph


Seth Umpleby

Seth is new to the Rocket Nation this school year and has been a wonderful addition! He is a friend to all of his classmates and is always respectful in class. We are lucky to have him as a Rocket!

- Mrs. Bronson, Mr. Zyph


11th Grade

Erica Ankney

Erica has shown growth and maturity this year. She is working hard on keeping on track for graduation. She is doing well in all of her classes. We are glad she is a Rocket!

-Mr. Try, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Doherty


Wesley Stillman

Wesley is respectful and polite in class. He has joined the golf team and is participating well with the team. He has nearly completed all his on-line classes early which is showing growth and maturity. He is taking many positive steps forward.

-Mr. Try, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Doherty


12th Grade

Montana Hamilton

Montana is always willing to participate and brings a terrific energy to class! We are fortunate to have her here at PRHS!

-Mr. Collins, Mrs. Chatfield


Malory Walborn

Malory is a positive student in class with her peers and teachers. She has also been very helpful working at a TA in the junior high this year! She is a joy to have here at PRHS!

-Mr. Collins, Mrs. Chatfield