October Rocket Competitors

7th Grade

Reitta VanHouten

Rietta always has a good attitude in class and can make people smile and laugh. She is cheerful and is kind to everyone.

- Mrs. Young, Mrs. Kwong, Mr. Talbot


Lucas Thieme

Lucas is very self aware of his behavior and self corrects when he gets off task. It is so cool to see someone be able to identify and correct their behavior without reminders from adults. He tries hard and turns in excellent and organized work. Keep up the good work Lucas!

- Mrs. Young, Mrs. Kwong, Mr. Talbot


8th Grade

Dallie Wilcox

Dallie is organized, willing to help her peers, a leader in class and on the court. She demonstrates academic excellence at all levels and is a kind face in the hallways.

- Mr. Byrd, Mrs. Thieme, Mrs. Weinke


Landon Norton

Landon is studious, cheerful, and full of energy. He is always ready to learn in class and willing to step to the plate when it comes to helping his peers.

- Mr. Byrd, Mrs. Thieme, Mrs. Weinke


9th Grade

Lauren Bohms

Lauren is a kind student with a great attitude. Teachers and staff can rely on Lauren to be a polite and hard-working student. She puts in the extra effort to be her personal best, and it shows. Thank you for being such a great Rocket, Lauren!

- Ms. Perrine, Mrs. Campbell


Layton Markle

We chose Layton as our Rocket Competitor because he is kind, respectful, funny, and is working hard to get good grades! Keep up the good work Layton!

- Ms. Perrine, Mrs. Campbell


10th Grade

Shaiya Larson

Shaiya is a student who is always on task in class. She is extremely respectful toward her teachers and classmates. Shaiya finishes her work in a timely manner and even leaves behind great artwork on her assignments with her spare time. We are lucky to have Shaiya as a student in Pilot Rock!

- Mr. Zyph, Mr. Reding


Julian Endersby

Julian is a hardworking student with an outstanding work ethic. He comes to class prepared every day with a great attitude. You can rely on Julian being a consistent positive student in every class. Thanks for being an awesome Rocket, Julian.

- Mr. Zyph, Mr. Reding


11th Grade

Emily Brown

Emily is starting the year Rocket Strong! She is conscientious and kind to others. She has a smile on her face and always greets others with kindness.

-Mr. Try, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Doherty


John McBride

John has been showing great attitude and effort in classes. He is always polite and respectful. He is doing great things!

-Mr. Try, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Doherty


12th Grade

Ali Smith

Ali is always on top of her school work! She is very organized with her assignments, and most importantly, she brings a positive attitude and great energy into the room. Her help with all the advisory activities is appreciated as well. Keep up the great work Ali!

-Mr. Collins, Mrs. Chatfield


James Lunzmann

James is always a willing and positive student who isn't afraid to try new things. James is a great asset to any class and is always very polite.

-Mr. Collins, Mrs. Chatfield