March Rocket Competitors

7th Grade

Amber Sutherland

Amber has been selected for student of the month due to her growth as a student and individual. Since September, Amber has become a more confident, independent, and resilient student. We are proud of her.

- Mrs. Young, Mrs. Gose, Mrs. Campbell


Lydia Henderson

Lydia is a quiet and kind student who always demonstrates respect and puts effort into her work. She is never a student to disrupt the learning environment, and any teacher in any school district would be grateful to have more students like Lydia in the classroom.

- Mrs. Young, Mrs. Gose, Mrs. Campbell


8th Grade

Alyssa Turner

Alyssa is a great example of a Rocket Competitor. She is respectful, kind to others, completes her work and is just a delight to be around! Keep smiling!

- Mrs. Thieme, Mrs. Weinke, Mrs. Kwong


Kaylee Smith

Kaylee is a talented artist who both advocates and helps others when needed. Her sense of humor and kind heart make her a joy to be around.

- Mrs. Thieme, Mrs. Weinke, Mrs. Kwong


9th Grade

Aubrey Corwin

Aubrey deserved to get Rocket Competitor for this month because she is involved with many things here at the high school and is still able to keep her grades up and have great attendance. She brings that positive attitude and work ethic into the classroom everyday!

- Ms. Perrine, Mr. Talbot


Ayden Hoeft

Ayden has been a great student to have this year because of his good attitude, respectful nature, and his curiosity to learn! He is always asking questions and putting in the extra effort to gain something more. Keep working hard!

- Ms. Perrine, Mr. Talbot


10th Grade

Kenzie Hoeft

We are lucky to have Kenzie as a Rocket! She is always on task in class and is helpful to her classmates when they are in need. Her attendance and participation in school activities is outstanding!

- Mrs. Bronson, Mr. Zyph


Eli Hinkle

Eli has been doing a great job this year turning in his work on time and never falling behind in class. His attendance has been great all year long. Eli has a good attitude toward his teachers and classmates. Keep up the good work Eli!

- Mrs. Bronson, Mr. Zyph


11th Grade

Efren Castro

Efren has a positive attitude. He is friendly and considerate. He works well with others and is currently pitching on the varsity baseball team.

-Mr. Try, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Doherty


Blaze Basye

Blaze has a great sense of humor and has a soft spoken personality. He gets along well with others and is a pleasure to be around.

-Mr. Try, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Doherty


12th Grade

Aaliyah Hanson

Aaliyah always does a great job working hard and advocating for herself. She knows what she wants and is on a great track to pursue a career in a male dominated industry of welding. Way to go Aaliyah!

-Mr. Collins, Mrs. Chatfield


Kailee Clark

Kailee has been doing an excellent job with her online classes. She is also a great artist! Her work ethic has been awesome. We enjoy having her here at PRHS!

-Mr. Collins, Mrs. Chatfield