February Rocket Competitors

7th Grade

Jaxon Beloit

Jaxon works hard and completes his work in a timely manner. He has a good attitude in class and comes to school in a good mood and almost always has a smile on his face.

- Mrs. Young, Mrs. Gose, Mrs. Campbell


Sam Ford

Sam has been participating in class, and working well within groups. He is completing his work and staying in his seat. Sam has been polite and engaged in class.

- Mrs. Young, Mrs. Gose, Mrs. Campbell


8th Grade

Cheyenne Jensen

Chevy has been doing a good job in her classes. She stays on task and completes her work on time. Chevy is respectful and kind to her peers and teachers.

- Mrs. Thieme, Mrs. Weinke, Mrs. Kwong


Sam Lamberson

Sam works hard in class and asks clarifying questions. The ideas and comments he adds to class discussions are insightful and interesting. Sam is a positive and respectful addition to his classes.

- Mrs. Thieme, Mrs. Weinke, Mrs. Kwong


9th Grade

Issabella Hiatt

We chose Issabella because she is always striving to get things done well in the classroom and her attendance has been great!

- Ms. Perrine, Mr. Talbot


Brian Collins

Brian has worked diligently to improve study skill habits and to improve as a student. He brings positivity to class daily and willingly participates in activities. He also helps his peers to stay motivated and on track, so we appreciate him greatly in class. Keep up the outstanding effort Brian!

- Ms. Perrine, Mr. Talbot


10th Grade

Brianna Larson

Brianna is always attentive in class and on task. She works hard to do her very best in all of her school work and shows kindness to her classmates. We are lucky to have her as a Rocket!

- Mrs. Bronson, Mr. Zyph


Caleb Price

Caleb has shown great work ethic all year long. He is always on task and doing what is asked of him. Caleb also has a great attitude in class toward his classmates and teachers. Keep up the great work!

- Mrs. Bronson, Mr. Zyph


11th Grade

Broc Erickson

Broc has a good sense of humor, has good grades in all of his classes, and is helpful to others. When we see him in the halls, he greets others in a friendly manner and is consistently kind to others.

-Mr. Try, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Doherty


Miles Standley

Miles has improved attendance this semester. He works hard in Art class and is growing in skills. He is quite a character with a sense of humor. Again, he greets others with a friendly smile and hello.

-Mr. Try, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Doherty


12th Grade

Kalyn Gambill

Kalyn has been doing an excellent job of setting goals and following through with her actions. She has been doing a fantastic job of applying for scholarships and getting ready for the next stage in her education. Keep it up Kalyn!

-Mr. Collins, Mrs. Chatfield


Jayda Falconer

Jayda is a high achieving young lady who came to Pilot Rock a little later but quickly fit in with her peers. Although she is quiet, she has a great ambition to pursue a career in veterinary sciences. Way to go Jayda!

-Mr. Collins, Mrs. Chatfield