Brock Stelk

Meet our šŸŒ½ TreasureršŸŒ½

Brock Stelk!

The treasurer is stationed by the emblem of Washington. 

His duties are to keep a record of receipts and disbursements just as Washington kept his farm accounts-carefully and accurately. He strives to encourage thrift among the members and strive to build up our financial standing through savings and investments. George Washington was better able to serve his country because he was financially independent.

Brock exhibits all of these duties and more in his FFA role. Look at some of his favorite FFA moments below:

FFA Memory: "The first time I got my opening statement without looking"

FFA Activity: Being at fair

FFA Competition: Livestock Judging

Q: Why did you want to become an officer?

A: Because Mrs. Weinke saw my potential!

Q: What is one thing you aspire to do this year as an officer?

A: Learn how to be a better leader