ASB Officers Present the Rocket Reader

This week's video is a little Christmas fun! Check out the video for a good laugh and a little holiday cheer! 

video link:

The Rocket Reader Info


Dress-Up Days this week: Monday Ugly Seater, Tuesday Fancy/Classy Christmas, Wednesday Pajama Day, and Thursday is Favorite Christmas Movie Character

This is also the last week of the 12 Days of Christmas Class Challenges! Make sure to check out the Leadership social media accounts for more details. 


Gabriel and Jullian Endersby 12/15

Paetynn Krieger 12/16

Nancy Weinke 12/16

Blaze Basye 12/17

Teagen Thonrton 12/20

Amylee Perrine 12/22

Easton Bailey 12/25

Tucker Williams 12/27

Kaylee Smith 12/29

Serenity Schiller 12/30

Aleah Campbell 12/31


All of an adult human's blood vessels, if laid out end to end would be about 100,00 miles. This distance could encircle the earth four times. 


Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening OUR hearts. -Janice Maeditere


Why did the oreo go to the dentist?

Because he lost his filling!

All of us in PRHS Leadership wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!